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Join Appathon 2015, the UniCredit hackathon that will take place on 7-8 November 2015 in Munich, Vienna and Milan simultaneously. Join Appathon 2015 in one of these countries! It will give you the chance to meet prestigous experts, learn from UniCredit mentors and have fun with people who love hackathons like you. It will be an extraordinary experience in terms of innovative thinking, technology and fun.

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18,000 in prizes

1st prize

10.000 Euro

2nd prize

6.000 Euro

3rd prize

2.000 Euro


Swagbag + a GoPro 4 Black for each team member of the V-TService winning team

The Royal Jungle

a ticket for each team member of the TRJ winning team for the next “The Royal Jungle Airways” (March 2016)

1.000 Euro in cash for the team with the best integration of the API


an Apple iWatch for each team member of the Gini winning team


a 100€ Amazon voucher for each team member in the figo winning team

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Registered participants (online application via

Individuals (over 18 years in age) &  team

Team size: 3 to 5 incl. developer, designer, marketing/FinTech specialist


Please fill out this project documentation template before submitting your projects. This is one of the judging criteria.

Name of the project: What's the working title of your project?

Elevator pitch: In three sentences – what's your idea?

Screenshot: Please make a screenshot of your project and upload here.

Type of the project: Web app, mobile app, data visualization?

MVP: What's the minimum viable product? Which features does it have?

Target group: Who should use your product?

Use Case: How will users typically use this product?

Challenges & solutions: What was the most difficult part of the project? What problems did you encounter? How did you solve them?

Scalability: How can the project be further developed?

Technology: Which frameworks and solutions did you use?

Link: Please insert the deployment link. This is crucial. Try not to host things just locally.

Source code (optional): Please insert the link to your project's GitHub repository.

Team members (their skills), e-mail, mobile number & Twitter handles: i.e. Uli (organizer),, +49 123 45 467 89 10, @ulipiesch

How to enter

Up for a challenge?

If you are an App Developer, a Web Designer, Financial or Marketing Specialist don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the UniCredit Appathon with your team. Challenge yourself, compete with talented professionals and win great prizes. Choose 1 out of the 3 challenges listed below.

Wearables & Mobile Banking. Consumers are increasingly using wearables to manage their day-to-day lives. What kind of app can you think of to offer personalized information based on the day-to-day needs of bank customers? Help us enriching the current mobile banking experience with new functionalities for wearables, i.e. smart watches. The challenge is to develop additional information or functionalities that are relevant for banking customers.

Private Banking in the digital age What do Private Banking customers expect from Asset Management and their bank in the future? What kind of app do can you think of responding to the special needs of Private Banking clients on mobile devices? The challenge is to develop solutions e.g., for portfolio reporting, financial planning, or innovative ways to interact with the client’s Private Banker.

Premium Services The world is changing faster than ever. In the digital realm, customers expect agility, flexibility and security. What digital premium services can you think of that a bank should offer their customers? How can a digital solution combine content, commerce and community?

  The prizes

1st prize = 10.000 €, 2nd prize = 6.000 €, 3rd prize= 2.000 €


Boris Scukanec

Boris Scukanec
Chief Digital Officer, HypoVereinsbank

Thomas Bümsen

Thomas Bümsen
Director Innovations Multi Channel Management, HypoVereinsbank

Thomas Probst

Thomas Probst
Head of Product & Business Development Private Banking & Wealth Management, HypoVereinsbank

Lissimahos Hatzidimoulas

Lissimahos Hatzidimoulas
Country Manager, UniCredit Business Integrated Solution Germany

Andrea Scotti

Andrea Scotti
Head of Service Line ICT, UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions Branch Germany

Luca Albano

Luca Albano
Head of Open Innovation, UniCredit

André Bajorat

André Bajorat
CEO figo

Michael Weigelt

Michael Weigelt
Direktor Finanzinstitute und Private Geschäftsbanken IBM Deutschland GmbH

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation (0 - 10 points)
  • User Experience (0 - 10 points)
  • Graphic Design (0 - 10 points)
  • Relevance to the chosen challenge (0 - 10 points)
  • Technical Evaluation (0 - 10 points)